First Love❤

The day messy bun changed into a ponytail
The day reality seemed to be a fairytale
The day black dress changed into a colourful one

The day your voice became my favourite one
The day I fantasized about you

The day I was glowing like morning dew
The day you hold my hand

The day everything was unplanned
The day I received ur first call

The day my feelings started  to crawl
The day U asked “My absence won’t hurt you?”

The day my heart shattered into two
The day I cried like a baby

The day I waited for you like crazy
The day I wanted to ask If I was ever important to you

The day I was having no clue
The day I realised I’ve fallen for you

The day I met a new version of me.. Phew!!


9 thoughts on “First Love❤

  1. ARRAV AAKASH says:

    What d hell yaar😍😍😍…
    Ye kya kiya h tune😇
    Ekdm solid yr,massstt ekdm😙😚😙
    Ye pura tune likha hai ? Fr kahi se copy! Chor joo bhi ho!
    Bht garda h yr😉

    Liked by 1 person

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